I am presently working at a private practice in Windsor, Ontario where I treat adults suffering from a wide range of psychological conditions, such as mood, anxiety, eating, and personality disorders. Before this position, I worked in North Carolina as a staff psychologist on the acute female admissions unit of Cherry Hospital, a state psychiatric hospital serving the eastern third of North Carolina. I provided inpatient treatment to adults with mild to severe psychopathology, including mood, anxiety, personality, substance use, and eating disorders; schizophrenia; and acute suicidality.

During my clinical training, I completed a clinical internship treating adolescent substance use and related disorders (such as, depressive, anxiety, eating, and personality disorders; self-harm) in Youth Addictions Services Edmonton & Protection of Children Abusing Drug, Alberta Health Services. Additionally, I completed a clinical practicum at the Clinical Services, University of Alberta, where I worked with adults, adolescents, children, and families to assess and treat a variety of psychological disorders including depressive, anxiety, eating, and personality disorders; self-harm; autism spectrum disorders; and broad emotional dysregulation. Finally, while at McGill University, I completed a clinical assistantship treating adolescents engaging in non-suicidal self-injury and related conditions. I collaborated in the development of a clinical and social media campaign to address this issue (available at https://www.jgh.ca/care-services/goldman-herzl-family-practice-centre/teenage-health-unit/group-treatment-programs-self-harm/ )